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Most people are pretty well addicted to television. And with good reason - it's seductive, it's (largely) free, and it's right there, all the time, flashing bright colors and uttering odd sounds to get and hold our attention. TV requires no action and very little thought; just relax and let the idiot box in your home entertainment center carry you away... I don't watch a lot of TV, but of course there are certain shows that I love and can watch again and again. Watching a favorite show is like visiting an old friend: in the backs of our minds we tend to think that we can hop in the car and go to Mayberry, or visit Darrin and Samantha at home, or even drive on up to Milwaukee and see what Richie, Potsie, the Fonz, and the gang are up to. Enjoy these articles about cool TV shows.

Bewitched ABC After School Specials
Addams Family
Andy Griffith Show
The Avengers
Bosom Buddies
Burke's Law
Captain Nice and Mr. Terrific
Charlie's Angels
Children of the Stones
Cop Rock
Daniel Boone
Dark Shadows
�����watch the entire first episode!:
����� ����� ����� The Dick Van Dyke Show
Doctor Who: Remembrance of the Daleks
�����watch the entire first episode of
�����the series, An Unearthly Child!:
����� ����� ����� Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas
The Fall Guy
Family Ties
Father Ted
F Troop
Gentle Ben
The Goodies
�����also - watch the sketch Green Hornet
Hammer House Of Horror
Happy Days
The Hathaways
The Hobbit
Howdy Doody Show
I Love Lucy
The Invaders
King of the Hill
Lost In Space
Love Boat
Mad Movies With The LA Connection
Match Game
Mister Ed
the Monkees
Monty Python's Flying Circus
My Mother, the Car
Nanny and the Professor
Patty Duke Show
Paul Dixon Show
Please Don't Eat The Daisies
Prime Time Cartoons
The Prisoner
Quincy ME
Rankin-Bass Holiday Specials
Secret Agent
Space Patrol
�����watch the episode "The Wandering Asteroid":
����� ����� ����� Speed Racer
�����also - watch Supertrain
Top TV Commercials of the 1970's
Trailer Park Boys
Twilight Zone
Gerry Anderson's UFO
�����also - watch the The Ugliest Girl In Town
Wild Wild West
Wonder Woman
You're in the Picture

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