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Bosom Buddies

Bosom Buddies Bosom Buddies was an ABC sitcom debuting in November, 1980. It starred Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari as two creative, cross- dressing pals trying to make it in the world of advertising.

Faced with their apartment building's imminent destruction (very imminent - the wrecking ball was hitting the place while they were still in their beds asleep), two guys must find a new place to live. One of their coworkers lives in a great building, the Susan B. Anthony Hotel. Unfortunately, it's ladies-only. That doesn't stop our stalwart heroes, however (particularly after they ogle all the gorgeous females going in and out of the place on a daily basis) and so they hatch a plan to pose as women in order to live at the hotel. En route to their day jobs at an advertising agency they change back to their normal male attire, and reverse the process going home.

Complications ensue, of course. Henry, the writer (whose nom de femme is Hildegard) is constantly chased by the portly but perky receptionist Amy (the recently deceased Wendie Jo Sperber); and Kip, the graphic artist (aka Buffy) is infatuated by Amy's roommate, Sonny (played by Donna Dixon, who married Dan Aykroyd after costarring with him in Doctor Detroit). The boys are constantly in the midst of sexually-confused shenanigans, but it all seems to turn out okay. In later episodes, the guys open up their own agency and drop their feminine alter-egos, although they continue to stay at the hotel. Telma Hopkins (half of Dawn, as in Tony Orlando And) helped round out the cast.

I was crazy about Bosom Buddies when it came out - I liked the easy comedic banter between the two guys, and desperately wanted to exchange rapid-fire jokes with my pals like they did. Unfortunately, neither I nor any of my youthful comrades were terribly humorous or quick-thinking. It's just as well - not all of the jokes hold up as well while viewing the series again now as an adult; still, it's a pleasant enough early-80's sitcom. People who were growing up during that time period will almost certainly seek to add it to their DVD collections if they retain any fond memories of the show, as I do.

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