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Catweazle was a television comedy series produced by London Weekend Television in the early 1970's. Catweazle was conceived and written by Richard Carpenter and ran for two seasons starring Geoffrey Bayldon as the irrepressible protagonist.

Catweazle was a magician who lived in the eleventh century, but however hard he tried, his spells hardly ever worked. One day was different. When Norman soldiers tried to capture him, in desperation he used some magic to escape, and it worked! The only trouble was that instead of flying through space to flee his pursuers, he flew though time.

Catweazle Catweazle finds himself nine centuries into the future. Being a magician, everything he experiences in the twentieth century such as motor cars, telephones ("telling bones"), and electric light ("electrickery"), he believes is the result of magic.

This basic premise, and Catweazle's quest to return to his own time, drives much of the comedy in the series as Catweazle finds himself in situations that often become, well, hilarious.

In the first series Catweazle is befriended by a farmer's son, Carrot, and the two share a succession of chaotic misadventures before the wizard succeeds in returning to his own time. The second series (also known as Catweazle and the Magic Zodiac) repeated the same formula, but this time Catweazle's young friend is Cedric, the son of Lord and Lady Collingforth.

Geoffrey Bayldon as Catweazle
Peter Butterworth as Groom
Robin Davies as Carrot
Elspet Gray as Lady Collingford
Neil McCarthy as Sam Woodyard
Gwen Nelson as Mrs Gowdie
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell as Mr. Bennet
Gary F. Warren as Cedric Collingford
Moray Watson as Lord Collingford

Season 1 Episodes: (Originally shown between Sunday, 15 February 1970 and Sunday, 10 May 1970)
1. The Sun in a Bottle
2. Castle Saburac
3. The Curse of Rapykn
4. The Witching Hour
5. The Eye of Time
6. The Magic Face
7. The Telling Bone
8. The Power of Adamcos
9. The Demi Devil
10. The House of the Sorcerer
11. The Flying Broomsticks
12. The Wisdom of Solomon
13. The Trickery Lantern

Season 2 Episodes: (Originally shown between 10 January 1971 and 4 April 1971)
1. The Magic Riddle
2. Duck Halt
3. The Heavenly Twins
4. The Sign of the Crab
5. The Black Wheels
6. The Wogle Stone
7. The Enchanted King
8. The Familiar Spirit
9. The Ghost Hunters
10. The Walking Trees
11. The Battle of the Giants
12. The Magic Circle
13. The Thirteenth Sign

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