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The Patty Duke Show

Patty Duke

" - a hot dog makes her lose control - "

The Patty Duke Show was a sitcom on ABC which debuted on September 18, 1963. It featured the misadventures of a pair of identical cousins, Patty Lane - a normal American teenager living in Brooklyn Heights, New York - and Cathy Lane - her Scottish cousin freshly arrived in the United States to finish her secondary schooling. Naturally, much of the comedy was derived from (a) the cultural clash between the girls' differing personalities, and (b) the usual sitcom-confusion over the identical twins being mistaken for one another.

A hot young property because of her recent Academy Award for playing Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker (at the time she was the youngest person to have won an Oscar, for Best Supporting Actress in 1963), Duke was chosen for her own star vehicle, named after herself, which featured her in not one, but two prominent roles. The show lasted three seasons and was popular with both parents and teenagers. (It didn't hurt that the show featured a handful of then-popular guest stars like Frankie Avalon and Bobby Vinton.) Duke's soft beauty, and the show's more-than-wholesome quality (aside from the occasional musical shenanigans) made her an early teenaged pop idol; she even released a single, "Don't Just Stand There," and a handful of albums.

By the summer of 1966 Patty was free to pursue other career goals, and quickly shed much of her wholesome image by appearing in the cult film Valley of the Dolls. In 1999, CBS aired a reunion special, The Patty Duke Show: Still Rockin' in Brooklyn Heights.

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