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Turn-On In January, 1968, NBC had unexpectedly struck gold with a mid season replacement one hour program called Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. Whenever Laugh-In aired, it would astoundingly attract nearly every young person who was watching television. This of course is the exact audience that advertisers pay the most to capture. George Schlatter, the creator of the show, was suddenly in high demand.

In interviews, George Schlatter insists that the executives at NBC had told him to specifically create another half-hour show that would push the bounds of television, something progressive, provocative, very adult and controversial and highly inventive. Schlatter and partner Digby Wolfe spent all of 1968 working on a television show that would be more outrageous than their smash hit Laugh-In.

Schlatter and Wolfe knew they wanted to call the program Turn-On, and began developing it as a high concept show that would combine old-fashioned nonsensical burlesque comedy and then mix it heavily with modern topical humor. The real gimmick was split-second editing and super fast cuts. The editing on Turn-On made the same technique on Laugh-In