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The Ugliest Girl In Town

Originally aired: September 26, 1968

This short-lived, shudder-incuding disaster from 1968 must be seen to be believed.

Ugliest Girl In Town Timothy Blair is heartbroken when his girlfriend, Julie Renfield, a British movie actress, returns to London after finishing a Hollywood film. Meanwhile, Tim's brother Gene (played by Garry Marshall), who is a fashion photographer, is in trouble while doing a hippie fashion shoot. He spent so much time partying that he didn't take any pictures. So Gene asks his brother to dress-up like a hippie girl and fake the photo session.

These photos end up in the hands of a fashion scout for London's top fashion agency. The agency owner, Mr. Courteny, is so impressed by the photos that he wants to pay Gene tons of money to come to London to shoot a whole layout with this new discovery. So Gene convinces Timmy to dress as 'Timmie' the glamorous fashion model and fly to London. Tim agrees just so he can see Julie one more time.

Ok, so far the plot is really silly, but passable on paper. It is only absurd when you actually see actor Peter Kastner dressed as a woman. It's ludicrous. His outfits are outlandish and as a female, his looks go beyond homely, beyond ugly, to just down right scary. ABC actually kept this series on the air from September through January, before finally canceling this whole kinky cross-dressing mess.

Still, what survives (if seldom seen) lives on in the hearts of those who love to see good 'bad' fare on television.

Peter Kastner - Timothy Blair
Patricia Blake - Julie Renfield
Garry Marshall - Gene Blair
Jenny Till - Sandra Wolston
Nicholas Parsons - David Courtney

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